Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Monroe Dental Office provides oral and maxillofacial surgery to help patients regain healthy, functional smiles. We promote a friendly atmosphere and go the extra mile to make sure you feel comfortable and at ease during your appointment. Many procedures performed in our office are considered oral surgery and our patients receive treatment without the inconvenience of being put on a waiting list for a different office.

Oral and Maxillofacial surgery combines oral surgery with surgery on the structures of the face, sinuses, and neck. Oral surgery can help you overcome dental health problems such as impacted teeth or infected dental pulp, as well as prepare you to receive a dental implant more successfully. Some of the oral surgery procedures we offer include:

Tooth Extractions: One of the most recognized forms of oral surgery is tooth extraction, and there are a variety of circumstances that might require this procedure. Impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth are common extraction circumstances, along with disease, trauma, or crowding. 

Apicoectomies (Root Canal Surgery): Done to remove the persistent infection in just the root of the tooth.

Bone Grafting: Bone tissue is transplanted to repair and rebuild diseased or damaged areas of the jaw bone and make it strong enough to support an implant.

Implants: A small titanium post is implanted and serves as the root replacement portion of a missing tooth. The post stimulates jaw bone growth and serves as a support for a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, or denture.

Sinus Lifts: This procedure is performed when there is not enough room in the upper jaw for dental implants. Bone is grafted to the area of your molars and premolars on either side of your nose.

No matter what type of procedure you need, your oral surgery consultation begins with an extensive review of your medical history and an evaluation of factors that could affect the success of your surgical procedure. Monroe Dental Office is equipped with digital x-rays and CT scans to create mock-ups and models so that patients can see the results of their care before any treatment takes place. Dr. Monroe and our part-time oral-maxillofacial surgeon collaborate to create the best oral surgery plan based on your needs and specifications. Our focus is to restore comfort and enhance your oral health through quality dental and oral surgery procedures.

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We provide comprehensive oral surgeries in Monroe, including tooth extraction, removal of third molars, and dental implant placement. Dr. Bobby Crohn and his team work together for successful outcomes that support dental care. Call us to see how we can relieve your discomfort or fill missing gaps in your smile. 

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